How to Watch Vudu Outside US

Yes, Getflix provides access to VUDU from anywhere in the world. You can watch Vudu outside the US with Getflix Smart DNS and Smart VPN networks. Get started for free here.

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Watch VUDU with Getflix Smart DNS

You can now unblock Vudu - an American VOD channel – with Getflix.

Vudu is an American video-on-demand provider recently announced to be acquired by Fandango (another streaming service owned by NBC Universal and AT&T). Vudu prides itself in a huge collection of HD movies and TV shows (the total of over 24,000 movies and 8,000 shows including motion pictures, documentaries, children’s programming, musicals, cartoons, etc.). The service is slightly different than many other streamers as it is not based on a subscription fee (like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus) – you simply pay for what you want to watch.

Location problem

However, even if you find a title that you like, you will not be able to watch it outside the US as the channel (as many other VOD services) is geo-fenced. What it practically means is that if you are outside the US or traveling, you cannot access the service. Even if you bought the movie in the US and want to stream it while traveling abroad – you cannot do that.

Fire up Vudu with Getflix Smart DNS

This is when we come in – Getflix Smart DNS provider which, due to its technology, can grant you access to geo-blocked channels wherever you are. The service is available for numerous devices and operating systems. Once you sign up with us and set up your devices to be used with Getflix DNS, you will be able to watch the movies not only from Vudu but also from many other streaming platforms that impose similar restrictions.

All you are required to do is to sign up with us (if you haven’t done so already) for a 14-day free trial, set up your individual devices (or your home router) with our service, create an account with the service of your choice and start streaming your favorite titles. There is no need to install any extra software or go through the tons of settings. It is quite straightforward and intuitive. Of course, if you still have any problems with it, our support is always ready to give you a hand.

Getflix Smart VPN – another solution

If you are looking for online security and anonymity – VPN is the best solution for you. You can use Smart VPN to connect directly to an American server and stream your favorite shows at home or use it if you want to safely connect to the Internet to log into your banking app or browse sensitive data while being connected to public Wi-Fi networks available in such places as restaurants, airports or hotels.

Our VPN apps are available for numerous devices and operating systems. Join us for a 14-day free trial and watch Vudu anywhere in the world as well as many other services.

Get started with a 14 days free trial.

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