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Yes, you can unblock and watch ViX outside the US with Getflix Smart DNS & Smart VPN networks. Get started free here.

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ViX is a Spanish-speaking service which offers free access to more than 100 entertainment, sports and news channels without a credit card or subscription. With unlimited entertainment, live and on-demand with soap operas, comedies, TV series, Latin stories and Hollywood movies, ViX is also the home of football with classic and live matches, 24-hour news programs, reality TV and programs for the kids.

The ViX video library offer includes thousands of hours of programming including:

  • the funniest comedies such as Nosotros los Guapos, La Familia P. Luche, 40 y 20 y Vecinos
  • titles that marked an era such as Teresa, Marimar, La Rosa de Guadalupe, María del Barrio, Triunfó el Amor and Sortilegio.
  • 24/7 news. Find out what is happening in your country and the world, 100% in Spanish.
  • lifestyle, reality, cooking, documentaries and motor world programs
  • shows the smallest of the family with shows like Rosita Fresita
  • leagues from Mexico, Brazil and Argentina
  • European Soccer
  • Peru League

and much more.

The ViX content is available on your mobile device, computer and Smart TV but there is one problem connected with watching it – ViX is geo-restricted and can only be streamed from within the US. If you are an expat or travel abroad on holiday or business, your access to your favorite shows will be blocked.

How to unblock ViX outside the US with Smart DNS

Whenever you try to access ViX from outside the US, you will probably see the message saying that the stream of any live and on-demand content of ViX is limited only to the territory of America. This happens due to the fact that your IP gets detected by the ViX service as not coming from eligible area. In order to gain access to ViX content, you need to mask your location. It can easily be one with Getflix Smart DNS.

Smart DNS redirects part of the traffic responsible for showing your location via a dedicated server and, without changing your original IP and without any loss in your connection speed, allows you to access ViX programing. The same solution can be used to watch any of the geo-located channels supported by Getflix.

Sign up with Getflix for a 14-day free trial and register your IP in our data base to avoid being IP-located. Set up the device of your choice to work with Smart DNS (ViX is available for numerous operating systems and devices which can be configured for Getflix) and you can now access ViX content from anywhere outside the US. The setup process is easy and does not require any additional equipment or software. It all takes a few minutes and a few clicks to gain access to the Spanish content of ViX.

You can also configure your home router if you want all your home network devices to stream the ViX content. It is slightly more complex but our support is always ready to help you go through the process. Contact us for assistance or head to our Knowledge Base to find relevant articles with detailed and easy-to-follow guidelines.

Watch ViX outside the US with Getflix Smart VPN

There is another solution that you can use to unblock and watch ViX outside America. Smart VPN is the solution that combines the speed of steaming geo-located services like ViX with online security and anonymity. Smart VPN takes your traffic via a dedicated server and, by changing your IP and encrypting the data, makes it impenetrable for anyone from the outside (be it a hacker, government agency or a snoopy ISP).

Smart VPN gives you online safety which is crucial when you travel and have to access sensitive services like your banking app or your business or personal email account over unprotected and open Wi-Fi networks which are available in numerous public areas like airports, shopping malls or hotels. With Smart VPN, you can be sure that your connection is safe and you may get access to geo-fences services wherever you go.

Join Getflix and choose your best way to access ViX being safe and anonymous online at the same time.

Get started with a 14 days free trial.

No credit card required.

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