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Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is an American classic movie-oriented pay-TV network operated by the Global Kids, Young Adults and Classics division of Warner Bros. Entertainment. The channel's programming consists mainly of classic theatrically released movies from the Turner Entertainment film library including films from Warner Bros. (covering films released before 1950), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (covering films released before May 1986), and the North American distribution rights to films from RKO Pictures. However, TCM also licenses films from other studios, and occasionally shows more recent films.

TCM's library of films spans several decades of cinema and includes thousands of titles. Besides broadcasting films owned or licensed by Warner Bros., Turner Classic Movies also licenses films from Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, The Walt Disney Company (including film content from 20th Century Studios, as well as most of the Selznick International Pictures library, Sony Pictures Entertainment (primarily film content from Columbia Pictures), StudioCanal, and Janus Films.

TCM focuses mostly on classic movies and its film content has remained mostly uncut and uncolorized (with films natively filmed or post-produced in the format being those only ones presented in color). Occasionally, TCM shows restored versions of films, particularly old silent films with newly commissioned musical soundtracks.

TCM hosts various blocks (such as Star of the Month, The Essentials, Women Make Film, Noir Alley, 31 Days of Oscar or Summer Under the Stars) as well as documentaries mostly devoted to classic movies personalities.

Apart from its website access, the online version of TCM can be streamed with the Watch TCM app available for iOS and Android devices as well as Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and FireStick and AppleTV. The channel is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Latin America, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, the Nordic countries, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. However, the full lineup of Turner Classic Movies is available only in the US.

Since Turner Classic Movies is a geo-restricted service, it is available only in its normal operating territory. An attempt to access its American version from anywhere outside US will end up with the message that the content is not available in your location. Even if you simply travel abroad or are living in another part of the world, your IP will be detected and streaming will be blocked.

Access and watch TCM outside the US with Getflix Smart DNS

In order to avoid geo-location, you need to do something to trick the TCM servers into thinking that you’re actually coming from the US. This is exactly Getflix does using Smart DNS. Our solution reroutes the part of your traffic responsible for revealing your location via a dedicated US server and, without changing your IP and affecting your connection speed, allows you to stream not only TCM but also many other geo-restricted services supported by Getflix.

What you need to do first is to sign up with Getflix for a 14-day free trial. Then you have to configure your device to work with Smart DNS and register your IP in our data base. Alternatively, you can also set up your home router to allow all your home devices to use Smart DNS and access TCM outside the US. The setup process is quite easy and doesn’t require any special skills, additional software or expensive hardware. If you need any assistance, you can always go to our Knowledge Base or contact us for help.

Once done, you’re ready to stream Turner Classic Movies content from outside US and enjoy the world of classic cinema on numerous devices and operating systems.

How to watch TCM classic movies with Getflix Smart VPN

Smart VPN is a hi-tech solution which provides you with maximum security while being able to access geo-restricted services from any part of the world. Your Internet connection goes through an encrypted virtual tunnel directly to the US server. Your IP is changed and all the data going through is protected from any outside interventions.

Whenever you travel abroad, your online activities remain anonymous and you can access virtually any site wherever you are. Extra protection also allows you to access your banking app or email account using open Wi-Fi spots which are widely available in many public areas.

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