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ICI Radio Canada


Watch ICI Radio Canada outside Canada

Yes, you can unblock and watch ICI Radio-Canada outside Canada with Getflix Smart DNS & Smart VPN networks. Get started free here.

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ICI Radio-Canada (formerly known as Télévision de Radio-Canada) is a Canadian French-language free-to-air television network owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the national public broadcaster. It is the French-language counterpart of CBC Television, the broadcaster's English-language television network. The service offers a wide range of programming including news, current affairs, sports, entertainment, children’s programs and non-news regional programming.

ICI Radio-Canada is a geo-restricted service which means that it is not available outside its official operating area (Canada and parts of northern US). Any attempt to stream the content outside Canada will end up with detecting your IP and getting the message that the stream is not available in your location. The only way to get around the problem of geo-location is using Smart DNS.

How to watch ICI Radio-Canada outside Canada with Getflix Smart DNS

If you travel abroad or live in Europe, Australia or Asia, you need something that will allow you to access the service that is otherwise only available in Canada. It can be done by using Smart DNS offered by Getflix. This solution is easy to get, quick to configure and safe to use. By taking part of your traffic via a dedicated Canadian server, the service is tricked into thinking that your traffic actually comes from Canada. The solution works for numerous operating systems, media players and devices. Check our setup guides here.

What is great about this solution is the fact that your original IP is not changed in the process (so you can still access your local websites) and your connection speed is not affected in any way. There is no need to install any additional software or hardware and all your online activities are done exactly the way they are done without using Smart DNS. You will experience no difference in using the Internet except for the ability to access many geo-restricted channels supported by Getflix.

Join us by signing up with us for a 14-day free trial and register your IP in our service. Next, configure your device for Smart DNS (it only takes a few clicks of the mouse) and you are ready to stream ICI Radio-Canada from anywhere in the world. You can also set up your home router thus enabling all your devices connected to your home network to access ICI Radio-Canada.

In case of any problems with configuration – our support is always ready to help you out. You can either contact us for help or go to our Knowledge Base to look for relevant support article.

Access ICI Radio-Canada outside Canada with Getflix Smart VPN

An alternative method for accessing ICI Radio-Canada is Smart VPN. This solution adds an extra layer of security to your connection as it takes your entire traffic through a special server located in Canada encrypting your connection on the way. Your IP is changed (so you can be sure that you are actually seen as coming from Canada) and all your online activities are secured by heavy encryption and remain anonymous.

Smart VPN is not only to access geo-restricted channels. As it is an extremely safe type of connection, it is a must for all those who travel and need to access their banking apps or use their professional email. Even if you connect via an open and unprotected Wi-Fi hotspot in the hotel or airport, you can be sure that your data is safe and your online activities are protected from anyone trying to compromise your connection from the outside.

Join us, become our regular subscriber and use our Smart solutions to access geo-located services and ensure safe Internet browsing.

Get started with a 14 days free trial.

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