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CuriosityStream is the world's first on-demand streaming service for award-winning exclusive documentaries and original productions with the library of over 3000 titles and 1000 hours of nonfiction media covering science and technology, art, history, nature, lifestyle and global issues.

CuriosityStream features a lot of original and acquired content. The most popular titles include:

Original content:

  • Miniverse, featuring Chris Hadfield, Michio Kaku, Derrick Pitts, Laura Danly
  • Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places (2017 Emmy Award Winner), featuring Stephen Hawking
  • David Attenborough's Light On Earth, featuring David Attenborough
  • Deep Time History, featuring Jonathan Markley
  • Prescription: Nutrition, featuring Michael Greger
  • Destination: Pluto, featuring Alan Stern
  • Destination Mars, featuring Peter Diamandis
  • The Road To The Singularity, featuring Jason Silva
  • Transhumanism, featuring Jason Silva
  • Digits, featuring Derek Muller, Edward Snowden, Vint Cerf
  • The History Of Food, featuring Robert Dunn, JJ Johnson, Michael Greger, Sandor Katz
  • The Woodstock Bus, featuring Robert Richard Hieronimus
  • History (stylised as Hi$tory) featuring Peter Sagal
  • Ancient Earth
  • Life on Earth: A New Prehistory

Acquired content (featuring productions of such services as BBC, NHK, ZDF, ORF and TVF):

  • Genius by Stephen Hawking with Stephen Hawking
  • Next World with Michio Kaku
  • The Secrets of Quantum Physics with Jim Al-Khalili
  • Wild Weather with Richard Hammond
  • The Nano Revolution
  • Destination Mars featuring Peter Diamandis
  • Cosmic Front
  • The Human Face Of Big Data

US subscribers have access to BBC productions available such as:

  • The Secret Life of Dogs
  • Ancient Worlds Richard Miles, Simon Russell Beale, Julie Berry & Cécile Michel
  • Greek Myths: True Stories Robin Lane Fox
  • Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire (a 6-part docudrama miniseries starring Michael Sheen)
  • Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life with Richard Dawkins
  • When Björk Met Attenborough with David Attenborough
  • Crusades as well as Vikings and World of Stonehenge, both hosted by Neil Oliver.
  • The Hawking Paradox with Stephen Hawking

CuriosityStream cab be watched on multiple platforms including web browsers, Android and iOS/iPadOS devices, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Chromecast or native Smart TV apps. Although CuriosityStream is available worldwide, some of its best programming is geo-blocked and can only be access from inside the US.

How to watch CuriosityStream from outside US

Getflix Smart DNS is a solution that can effectively remove geo-restriction for all those channels which are limited only to certain locations. Normally, CuriosityStream servers detect the IP of the user as being outside its operating area. The trick is that Smart DNS redirects the part of your Internet traffic which is responsible for revealing your location through a dedicated US-based server thus making your connection appear as coming from the US.

The solution is quick (so your connection speed is not affected), secure (your original IP is not altered (you can access your local websites at the same time) and simple. All that is required of you is to sign up with Getflix for a free trial period, set up your device for Getflix Smart DNS and start watching. No extra costs of additional software or equipment, no commitments with us (you can unsubscribe any time).

If you want all your home network to work with Smart DNS and watch CuriosityStream on any device without a hassle of configuring each of them separately, you can set up Smart DNS on your home router and enjoy access to CuriosityStream outside US on any Internet capable device at home.

Watch CuriosityStream outside America with Getflix Smart VPN

Apart from Smart DNS, you can also use another solution to access CuriosityStream from anywhere in the world. Smart VPN is a solution that not only allows you to access geo-located services but also keeps your connection safe from anyone trying to hack into your traffic. All your data is encrypted, your IP is hidden and all your online activities are completely anonymous and secure.

If you encounter any problems with setting up either Smart DNS or Smart VPN, you can always contact us for help or refer to our support Knowledge Base articles.

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