How to Watch CNN Go Outside the US

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CNN (Cable News Network) is one of the largest and most internationally recognized American news-based cable pay television channel which was famous for being the first all-news TV channel to provide 24-hour news coverage. It became famous by live broadcast of the events during the first Persian Gulf War in 1991 and breaking the news (followed by live coverage) of the September 11 attacks.

CNN Go is the online streaming service of the cable giant covering numerous topics including US politics, sports, health, travel, entertainment and many more. However, if you happen to be living in the UK, Canada, Australia or anywhere outside the US, you will be blocked once you try to access CNN and stream any of its content. This happens because your IP gets detected as not eligible to stream the geo-restricted content.

Watch CNN Go with Getflix Smart DNS outside United States

If you try to stream the CNN Go content from anywhere outside USA, you will get the message that it’s unavailable in your location. It doesn’t matter if you just travel abroad or live in another country – CNN on the basis of your IP will block the possibility of watching anything.

Smart DNS is a technology that will make it possible for you to access geo-located services like CNN Go and stream its content from anywhere in the world. Part of your traffic gets redirected via our US-based servers thus making your IP eligible to stream geo-restricted content. Your original IP remains unchanged (so you can access your local websites without any problems), your connection speed is unaffected (so you don’t wait forever-loading sites) and you have access to many geo-restricted services that we support.

There are two ways to handle the Smart DNS issue. Obviously, first you need to sign up with us for a 14-day free trial. Then, you can either set up the device that you want to use for streaming CNN Go outside US to be used with our Smart DNS or configure your router and make your entire home network ready for streaming CNN Go. If you come across any troubles setting up your devices, you can always ask for help or go to our support section for setup guidelines.

Stream CNN Go with Getflix Smart VPN from anywhere

Smart DNS is not the only way to get connected to CNN Go overseas. If you prefer to have a fully protected connection and be able to enjoy geo-located services, Smart VPN is the solution you are looking for. Smart VPN takes your entire Internet traffic to a particular, US-based location, hides your original IP and you appear as if you actually come from the US. VPN servers that we use are fully protected and nothing ever gets stolen or compromised. Your online activities are encrypted so they are secure and anonymous.

Both technologies can be used on a variety of operating systems (Windows, Mac OS) and devices (Android and iOS mobile devices, game consoles, laptops, set-top boxes, smart TV, etc.). Once you become our regular subscriber, you will get access to Smart VPN and you will be able to choose whichever solution works best for you.

Get started with a 14 days free trial.

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