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MTV, one of the world most famous brand names in the entertainment industry, came to life as early as in 1977. Originally launched in 1981 as a music video channel, it has undergone numerous changes since its inception. It has become a worldwide phenomenon shaping music tastes of millions of people around the world.

The list of names from the music industry that performed or were aired by MTV is stunningly impressive. In its 1980’s heyday , MTV hosted such artists as David Bowie, Dire Straits (whose 1985 song and video "Money for Nothing" both referenced MTV and also included the slogan "I want my MTV" in its lyrics), Journey, Rush, Linda Ronstadt, Genesis, Billy Squier, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Moody Blues, John Mellencamp, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Billy Joel, Robert Palmer, Rod Stewart, The Who, Peter Gabriel, and ZZ Top; newly solo acts such as Robert Plant, Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, David Lee Roth, and Pete Townshend; supergroup acts such as Asia, The Power Station, Yes, The Firm, and Traveling Wilburys, as well as forgotten acts such as Michael Stanley Band, Shoes, Blotto, Ph.D., Rockpile, Bootcamp, Silicon Teens and Taxxi. The hard rock band Kiss publicly appeared without their trademark makeup for the first time on MTV in 1983. Some of the MTV Unplugged concerts have become classics and found their way into the annals of the music history.

In recent years, the network significantly changed its focus on music in favor of original reality programming targeting teenagers and young adults. MTV has also spawned numerous sister channels in the U.S. and affiliated channels internationally, some of which have gone independent.

MTV has localized versions of their website, but no one has access to the same amount of content as the Americans. That is why the US version of MTV is the most popular and has the widest choice of shows. Obviously, American version of MTV is geo-restricted and can only be watched within the US territories.

How to watch US version of MTV with Smart DNS

In order to access the US version of MTV, you need to make your IP appear as if coming from the US. Otherwise, any attempt to stream the MTV US will result in the message that the content is not available for your location. Smart DNS is a solution that redirects the part of your traffic that is responsible for your location via a dedicated US-based server. Your original IP remains the same so you don’t need to worry about accessing your local websites.

First, you need to sign up with Getflix and register your IP in our system. You have 14 days of free trial to test what we are capable of. Apart from the US version of MTV, Smart DNS gives you access to dozens of other geo-located services supported by Getflix.

Next, you have to do some setting up. You don’t have to worry – it’s very easy to do and does not require any special skills or additional software. Our support is always ready to assist you. In case of any troubles, simply contact us for help or check our Knowledge Base for relevant info.

You can either configure an individual device of your choice or your home router (to enable all your home network-connected devices to access US version of MTV).

Once the configuration work is done – you are ready to stream the US content of the legendary channel.

Use a Smart VPN to stream the US version of MTV

Smart VPN is another solution which makes it possible for you to access geo-located services. In addition, it makes your Internet connection fully secured against any outside influences. Smart VPN takes your whole traffic via our VPN server which is located in the destination country and changes your IP making it appear as coming directly from the USA. The entire data is additionally encrypted, which makes your online activities virtually invisible for any government agency, hacker or ISP.

With Smart VPN, you may not only access geo-restricted channels like US version of MTV but also surf the Internet, access your banking app or use your confidential business email without worrying that any of the sensitive data will fall victim to any outside parties. Unprotected Wi-Fi spot in a hotel or airport? No problem. Smart VPN will fully protect your data and your connection.

Become our regular subscriber and watch the US version of MTV and stay safe online whenever it is necessary.

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