France TV 5

France TV 5


Unblock & Watch France TV 5

Yes, you can unblock and watch France TV 5 and any other France streaming services outside the France with Getflix Smart DNS and Smart VPN networks. Get started for free here.

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France 5

France 5 is a French, free-to-air state-owned channel which is a part of a national TV group France Télévisions along with France 2France 3France 4 and France Ô. France Télévisions also participates in Arte and EuroNews. It principally aims at educational and factual programs with documentaries and discussions. It also features children’s programs (Okoo), and a narrow selection of game shows and series.

The only problem with France 5, just like the rest of France Télévisions services and other geo-restricted channels, its full content is only available in France. It usually works in such a way that the servers of a specific service detect your IP and determine where you are trying to access the stream from. If your traffic comes from outside the eligible area, your stream is blocked.

This is where Getflix Smart DNS comes into play.

Stream France 5 from anywhere outside France

Smart DNS takes a small part of your Internet traffic (the one responsible for revealing your location) through a dedicated server making your IP appear as if coming directly from France. Your original IP is not changed so you can still access your local sites. Your connection speed is also unaffected so you’re good to surf the net and access geo-restricted services.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial to test our services. Next, configure your device for Smart DNS. You can also set up your home router to allow all devices in your home network to access geo-located services supported by Getflix. If you encounter any problems, simply contact us for help or refer to our Knowledge Base to find relevant information. As simple as that.

How to watch France 5 with Smart VPN and stay safe online

If you’re looking for another solution, our subscribers can make use of the Smart VPN technology which can also be used to unblock geo-restricted websites and services. Smart VPN encrypts your entire traffic (making it virtually invisible for anyone outside) and by redirecting it via our VPN server in the country of destination, hides your IP and allows you to access any geo-blocked service originating in this country.

Smart VPN is a perfect solution for those who want to be anonymous online and protect their data from being compromised or stolen. Opening your banking app or sending sensitive emails may be risky so whenever you travel and are forced to use an open, unprotected public Wi-Fi spot, use our Smart VPN to make sure your connection is fully secured and private.

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Get started with a 14 days free trial.

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