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History (formerly known as The History Channel) is a pay television network and the flagship channel owned by A&E Networks, a joint venture between Hearst Communications and the Disney Media Networks division of the Walt Disney Company.

History is available online using a PC or MacOS browser as well as via dedicated apps available for Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Samsung TV and Android and iOS mobile devices.

Originally focused on history-based documentaries and historical fiction series, History moved slightly into the direction of reality television and sensational investigative programming. Still, apart from covering many historical periods and related topics, the service offers a wide selection of shows on many other themes including warfare, inventions, aviation, mechanical and civil engineering, technology, science, nature, mythical creatures, monsters, unidentified flying objects, conspiracy theories, aliens, religious beliefs, disaster and apocalyptic scenarios, alternate history, dinosaurs, doomsday, organized crime, secret societies, and many other.

There are international localized versions of History available in India, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. However, the original service with the most comprehensive programming including such titles as Ancient Aliens, Pawn Stars, Vikings, American Pickers, Counting Cars, and Mountain Men are only available in the US as the channel is geo-located and its access is only limited to the US territory so if you travel anywhere abroad or are living in a different part of the world, your stream will be effectively blocked.

How to watch History outside the US with Smart DNS

In order to be able to watch the History content from anywhere outside the US, you have to make sure that your IP is not detected as coming from outside the normal operating area. Smart DNS reroutes a part of your Internet traffic which is responsible for revealing your location via a special dedicated server and, without changing your original IP and slowing down your connection, allows you to access History along with other geo-located services.

First, you need to sign up with Getflix and register your IP with our service. You have a 14-day free trial to test how it works. Next, you need to configure your device for Smart DNS. The solution is available for many operating systems and devices. The setup process itself is very easy and does not require any special skills or equipment. Detailed setup instructions for many systems and devices can be found here. Alternatively, you can set up your home router, which will allow all your home network-connected devices to access geo-blocked services, including History. Should you need any assistance, simply contact us or visit our Knowledge Base to look for support articles.

Stream History shows using Smart VPN

An alternative solution to unblock geo-restricted channels, including History, is Smart VPN – a hi-tech solution which reroutes your Internet traffic via a dedicated US-based server. Your IP is changed and your data is protected making your connection secure and anonymous.

Smart VPN is a perfect app for travellers. If you need to browse the Internet over unprotected Wi-Fi networks which are widely scattered around numerous public areas (hotels, airports, shopping malls, cafes, etc.), you may wonder whether your password to a banking app or sensitive attachments to your private or business email messages are safe. Smart VPN protects your connection preventing your data from being compromised by a hacker, thief or overzealous ISP. Smart VPN is available to our regular subscribers so join us and choose your best option to unblock History outside the US and many other geo-restricted channels.

Get started with a 14 days free trial.

No credit card required.

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