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The Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel is a VoD service of The Criterion Collection - the privately owned American video distribution company which aims at licensing important classic and contemporary films. It is famous for promoting masterpieces of the world cinematography and implementing various ideas like film restoration or adding important commentary tracks for home video movies.

After affiliating with MUBI and later Hulu Plus and FilmStruck, The Criterion Channel was launched as a standalone streaming service teaming up with HBO Max which will also feature the offer of The Criterion Channel. The service pioneered several important features like proper aspect ratio letterboxing presentation of the movies, commentary soundtracks, special and definitive versions of the films, director’s cuts and bonus materials additions.

Many classic movies which were not commercially available due to expiration of publishing licenses were re-released by The Criterion Channel with digitally restored image and sound and a proper anamorphic widescreen aspect ratio. A carefully curated selection of movies is available to Canadian and US subscribers and if you try to access the service from anywhere outside this area, you will not be able to stream it.

Stream The Criterion Channel outside US with Getflix Smart DNS

Just like most geo-restricted services, The Criterion Channel is limited to the area of Canada and the United States. If you are on holiday or business anywhere else in the world, the IP of your device will be detected as not coming from the eligible area and you will see the message that the content is not available in your location.

Smart DNS will handle this problem for you by redirecting part of your traffic via a server which is located in the US thus allowing you to circumvent geographical restrictions of The Criterion Channel. It’s very easy to do – you simply sign up with Getflix for a free 14-day trial, set up your device to work with Getflix Smart DNS (all information on how to do it can be found in our support section), and you are ready to stream The Criterion Channel classics from outside US.

Another great option is to configure your home router in such a way that all your devices in your home network are ready to stream geo-restricted channels from anywhere in the world. There is a huge list of supported channels available with Getflix.

Both solutions work in the same way – your connection speed is not affected, your IP is not changed (so you can also access your local sites) and you can browse the Internet wherever you are.

Unblock The Criterion Channel with Getflix Smart VPN

Another way to gain access to geo-restricted channels like The Criterion Channel is using Smart VPN. This technology combines Smart DNS with VPN and allows you not only to access The Criterion Channel outside US (or many other services) but also remain fully protected online. Smart VPN is an encrypted virtual tunnel which directs your traffic straight to a US-based server.

This way you are both safe and anonymous (very useful while traveling and accessing Internet in public Wi-Fi spots) and sure to access geo-located services on numerous devices from any part of the world.

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